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Can Pets Get Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning could be the reason for your pet's sudden illness. ...

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Could Your Cat Have a Neurological Disorder?

One of these neurological disorders could be to blame for your cat's unusual behavior. ...

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How to Make Your Rescue Pet Feel Comfortable in Your Home

Planning to welcome a new dog? These suggestions will help your rescue pet adjust to a new home. ...

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Health Problems Common in Large Dogs

Do you know what health problems your large dog could develop? ...

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Does Your Pet Have an Abscess?

Could that lump on your pet's body be caused by an abscess? ...

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The Do’s and Don'ts of Pet Summer Safety

Do you know how to keep your pet safe this summer? ...

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The Most Common Vaccinations for Your Cat and Dog

Do you know what vaccines your cat or dog needs? ...

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Preparing for Your Kitten’s Developmental Milestones

Need to hone in on your kitten knowledge? Check out the milestones your new pet will reach during its first year. ...

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What Is Ataxia in Dogs?

Could balance or gait issues mean your dog has ataxia? ...

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If you’re thinking of getting a pet fish, you should know that your veterinarian has a lot of good advice about pet ownership. Fish can be very rewarding as pets, and you just may be surprised about how much fish actually interact with their owners. Here’s more valuable information about choosing ...

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